Mission & Vision

DigitYser is the Digital Innovation Hub of Brussels where communities gather to boost digitalskills, empower entrepreneurship and facilitate digital transformation.

Although the figures are encouraging, especially given that the population in the Brussels-Capital has increased considerably in recent years, unemployment in Brussels remains much higher than in Flanders and Wallonia.

Although still very high at 23.2%, youth unemployment (under 25’s) has fallen by almost a third compared with 2014.

DigitYser is situated in the middle of 7 of the 10 impoverished communes of Belgium in the North of Brussels. 
The Canal district where we are located is particularly impacted.

DiHub mission is to contribute to a better society.

Reinventing the Future of Work

We believe that boosting digital skills and facilitating entrepreneurship is the way out to reshape the current workforce landscape in Belgium.

  • to prepare people for jobs in the digital economy and to create a more inclusive society in the process
  • to facilitate entrepreneurship by offering in our hub all the assistance needed to create a favorable climate.
  • boost the digital transition of the people and small enterprises in the Canal region
We want Brussels to become the digital capital of Europe.
Philippe Van Impe
Founder & Administrator


European Data Innovation Hub is private-public partnership between private funds, SOFINA and the Region of Brussels.


Our mission is to empower unemployed individuals, wanna be entrepreneurs and especially women to become the qualified workforce of tomorrow.


“Be Excellent to each others” a quote taken from Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure that found itself being used in most hackerspace nowadays represent well the general spirit that we want to foster at DigitYser.


DigitYser is powered by different Tech communities that craft our DNA : without tech communities this would be just an empty building.


We thrive at being a welcome space for everyone no matter their gender, sexual orientation or religious belief: in fact when you step inside our walls what matter is what you do !


Statistics are very clear: 8% of women are diving into Entrepreneurship in Belgium, our goal is to increase this percentage and perhaps be the backbone of future great success among Belgian and non-Belgian entrepreneurs.

DigitYser’s key values are integrity, openness, transparency, independence, respect for diversity, and promoting inclusivity.
Philippe Van Impe
Founder & Administrator