The European data innovation hub was created in May 2015 as the legal entity around the data communities in Belgium. This entity first leased the AXA location (600m2 and 12 training rooms) in May 2015.

In June 2017 we moved to DigitYser in order to accommodate more tech communities and offer a broader service.

Boulevard d’Anvers, 40
1000 Bruxelles

VAT : BE 0630 675 984
European Data Innovation Hub vzw


Tel : +32 2 808 18 18

  • Nonprofit organization based in Brussels managed by a team of full-time professionals
  • Our Brussels based hub connects communities, data professionals, enterprises, startups, government, non-profit organizations and the academic world active in the data innovation ecosystem.
  • We create and manage a vibrant environment where they share best practices, learn about and drive data innovation in the EU.
  • The European Data Innovation Hub supports communities and professionals with:
    • networking events & nonprofit meetup activities,
    • infrastructure for training,
    • coworking space for co-workers and starters,
    • nonprofit meeting rooms for civil society
    • resources for community management.

Annual Report 2019 – coming soon