Who we are

DigitYser, the Brussels clubhouse, operates as a data innovation hub for entrepreneurs, startups, and decision-makers. Conveniently located near the city center, the coworking venue is only a minute’s walk from Yser metro station. With its towering modernist ceilings brimming with natural light, DigitYser soars with ambition on arrival. The inspiration for the clubhouse came from a data science meetup group in 2014, where Philippe Van Impe, founder, and CEO of DigitYser, and four peers, created a new space for their community.

Uniting the IoT, VR, AI, and blockchain communities in Brussels, the venue was co-founded by the Region of Brussels and Sofina as a public-private initiative. With its inclusive atmosphere, members feel at home in their atrium, where everyone from digital nomads to CEOs can socialize with one another. Connecting the actors of the Belgium tech community through meetups and hackathons, the coworking space continues to support data literacy events. Helping young entrepreneurs build their own company by giving them an inspirational platform to be successful.

“We were all excited by the enormous growth of artificial intelligence startups in Brussels, and wanted to provide an innovation hub specifically for this market. An inspiring place where corporate, local entrepreneurs and startups can innovate and work together,” says Phillippe Van Impe.
Philippe Van Impe
Founder & Administrator

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